Wilton, CT

Hi Judee,

I went to M........ framing section and was not happy with their suggestions or prices. If I am going to spend over $150 per each of 4

prints I'd like to hire you. Should have come to you first!


Wilton. CT

I'll never forget one of the times I walked into Judee's frame shop and she saw the images I was carrying in to have framed. She looked at them and knew excactly what they needed to be framed in! Fast forward seven years and I still love those framed prints!

Some people "just have it". I strongly believe Judee has found her calling. She goes with her cut and I never question it. She's remarkably talented.

Thank you Judee- 'so glad I found you!

Please feel free to send a testimonial to my email. :-)

Kerrie & Emily

Wilton, CT 

We have been lucky enough to work with Judee for years and have always been so happy with the results. She has helped us frame so many pieces for various rooms in our home (bedroom, living room, kids room) and they have all turned out great!  Jude's attention to detail is phenomenal and she always is so collaborative. We will definitely continue to work with Beardsley Traveling Art Framer for all our framing needs.


Wilton, CT

Judee is wonderful to work with. She has been framing my artwork for over 20 years! I love that she comes to your home and sees where you are going to hang your piece of art, so she can get a sense of the rooms, colors and other pieces that are on the wall. I highly recommend her!

‚ÄčOne of the reason's why I love to travel to your home... is meeting your family! (upper right corner =^^=)